Fable Legends


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This is part of my work at Lionhead Studios as an Environment Artist, I have mainly do prettying, create lively level taking care of keeping the gameplay space playable
and also trying to get some story telling without adding too much noise and keeping everything straight forward for the player. Placing landmark so the player don't get lost and stay on track while fighting.
Level design were given to us as whitebox and some explanation of what is the story behind the level. After this short brief we had full creativity.
I mainly use asset, have done few of them myself and also tweak some textures to get everyhting working together based on the level I was working on.


This is Rosewood return level, the last arena I worked on


This is Last Night, Arena 4 witch is an defense objective one. This is a garden based on Moon on a stick before something went wrong and start to lose some prestige.


This is Asleep with the roses level in witch was a hard one to work on as 2 Arena were sharing the same space, so for this one it had to look great in both way. And having enough landmark to know where to go. The design of the quest change after my work on it and therefore the level hqd to be revamp
And adopt a much more lower profile so you can actualy see a lot deeper to see where you have to go for the carrying objectif.


This is Last Night, Arena 2. This was great fun to work on as this was the opportunity to do a small Brightlodge and being able to do something else than forest. This was also fun to work on the Booze dream


This is The missing Seer level in witch I spend a lot of time in as I did 3/4 of it I worked on Arena 1, 3 and 4. This level was also one of the most optimized level before a general optimisation pass on already finished levels.