Tips: You can download all images to have a 1920x1080 resolution directly on your computer


This section is mostly made for seamless texturing but I'll probably make some small asset to shown the usage of textures.
But for now, it's will probably be shown on some basic planes.


Realistic with a certain stylization textured shield base on a concept of Artyom Vlaskin.



Cleaver from a concept of Geoffrey Ernault made to practice Zbrush, Topogun and a next gen pipeline.


Texture made for my thief fanart environment.



Photo source only textures.
Size: 1024x1024



Realistic seamless textures.
Size: 512x512




Some wood textures work.



Example of seamless, modular and specifique textures created for my final year project.
Highly inspired by borderlands and walking dead style.
Size: 512x512 and 256x256