Corentin Sibret


About me : My fields of expertise is all about level building from asset integration to finnished level including lighting and optimisation. That's why I considere myself as an environment/3D artist, I'm always eager to learn and try new things to improve or speed up my workflow. I realy like to challenge myself.
My main influence in graphic style are Borderlands, Dishonored, Red Dead Redemption, Assasin's Creed. I'm also eager to be able to play to Tom Clancy's The division

My inspirations come from games, comics especially with artists such as Riley Rossmo, Ben Templesmith, Frank Miller and John Romita, JR. And also from Cg hub, Polycount, 3DMotive, CGsociety

I'm used to work in team, I have good communication skill and I always try to go straight to the point. I'm not afraid to relocate anywhere around the world.



January 2015 - Present

Environment Artist at Lionhead Studios
  Working on Fable Legend

    I'm in charge of the level building based on the Wb from level designer. Asset creation and optimization.


June 2015 - September 2015

Environment Artist at InnoGames GmbH
  Working On Elvenar

    Modeling building from concept and render them. I worked on Elven, Human and Dwarf faction .


July 2014 - December 2014

3D Environment Artist at Proteus Empire
  Working on unnanounced mobile projects and computer projects

    I'm in charge of highpoly, lowpoly and texturing weapon, modeling and texturing environment assets and architectural modula elements.


November 2013 - January 2014

Freelance 3D Artist at Streamline Studios
  I worked on Armored Warfare, Free-to-play MMO

    My tasks were mainly modeling of environment asset and creating lods for them.


January 2013 - April 2013

Environment Artist intern at Nitro Games Ltd.
  I worked on 2 unnanounced project for iPad2 using Unity.

    I mainly did modelisation, optimisation, texturing and lighting.

  I worked on Raven's cry a AAA action-adventure game for Xbox360, Ps3 and PC.

    My task were to create 2 level with already made props on Havok vision, optimisation and lighting.


Low and highpoly modeling
Hard Surface Modeling
Sculpting asset for Next-Gen
UV mapping
Modular asset and seamless texturing
Level Building
Used to work with current gen limitation and techniques (Ps3, Pc, IOS)
Baking normal and editing



  Modeling highpoly and lowpoly, UV, normal editing, baking

Maya, Turtle, Vertex chameleon

  Modeling highpoly and lowpoly, UV, normal editing, Light baking


  Sculpting highpoly, painting, retopology


  Retopology, seamless texturing

Adobe Phothoshop, Quixel Suite

  Texturing, normal mapping



Unreal Editor 3 and 4, Unity4, Fresh engine, CryEngine3, Havok Vision, Marmoset toolbag2

  Level Building, Lighting and rendering


2014 : FuturePoly 3D modeling online courses
2013-2014 : 4th year at Ecole Supérieur D'infographie Albert Jacquard in a specilized video game courses
2013 : Graduate from Ecole Supérieur D'infographie Albert Jacquard with a computer graphic bachelor’s degree major in video game
2004-2007 : Studied at Hub’air airline pilot training center
Belgian secondary school diploma in science


Language spoken
French : Native language
English : Professional working proficiency